Hiring Smarter, Not Harder

July 18th | 12:00–12:40pm ET

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About the Event

In a competitive job market, what makes a winning talent strategy? Like any good piece of advice, it all comes down to working smarter, not harder.

Whether your team is focused on the more outward facing elements of your hiring process like reaching the right people with your job postings or how much time passes between interviews, or the internal factors like digitizing manual paperwork and streamlined decision-making, balancing creativity with efficiency is key. When recruiting and hiring feels like a constant churn, how do you free up your team’s time and keep candidates engaged?

AI has long promised the ability to free up people’s time to focus on, well, more people things like strategic decision-making and creativity. With the evolving capabilities of generative AI tools, many HR leaders are finding themselves at a critical inflection point where AI can go beyond just a time saving assistant and handle even more of the recruiting process. Join HR Brew as we sit down with Allison Allen, Co-Founder of Texni, which provides people focused strategy consulting organizational development solutions, hear advice and best practices for reforming team roles, reconsidering how to leverage new technology, and, ultimately, how to work smarter (or just make AI do it). Following this segment, Adam Godson, longtime HR professional, CPO, and CEO of Paradox will join us to discuss how generative AI could play a pivotal role in elevating the candidate experience for both recruiters and potential hires.

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