Leading with AI: How to Maximize Employee Potential

April 30th | 12:00–12:30pm ET

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About the Event

AI is here to elevate employees, not replace them. With this in mind, it’s important to note that most employees want to level up their skills to advance their careers—and AI can help them do so. Your job as a leader? To help them take this step responsibly by investing in upskilling and leveraging AI to unlock career opportunities.

To discuss this potential, HR Brew will sit down with Chegg Skills’ Senior Vice President and General Manager, Colin Coggins, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Senior Lead Scientist, Data + AI Curriculum Lead, Yvette Wolfe, and VP of AI at Booz Allen Hamilton, Joe Rohner. They’ll discuss how AI is impacting their workforce, and strategies for cultivating AI-related skills to help propel businesses forward. Learn how to take your people to the next level—and how AI skills can help build the stepping stones to get there.

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Joe Rohner

Vice President of AI

Booz Allen Hamilton

Yvette Wolfe

Senior Lead Scientist, Data + AI Curriculum Lead

Booz Allen Hamilton

Colin Coggins

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Chegg Skills

Kyle Hagge

Chief of Staff, COO

Morning Brew


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