Where AI Meets HR: A Roadmap for Leaders

May 30th | 12:00–12:30pm ET

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About the Event

AI (artificial intelligence) isn’t just a futuristic concept anymore. In fact, we probably didn’t even need to clarify its abbreviation. AI is present—in either name or function—in many aspects of the worksphere we know and occupy. But what does AI’s burgeoning presence mean for HR leaders? Can they leverage it to elevate talent acquisition, employee engagement, and organizational growth? In short: What are the dos and don’ts of this still-growing tech?

HR Brew is joined by Paylocity’s Senior Manager, Thought Leadership, Shari Simpson, to discuss the emergence of AI in HR. Whether you’re new to AI or a tech-savvy team lead, you’ll learn how to future-proof your HR practices while remaining human-centric. Because one thing’s for sure: AI is not a replacement—it’s an enhancement. So let’s enhance some HR workflows.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership


Kyle Hagge

Chief of Staff, COO

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