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How Intel plans to use CHIPS funding for workforce development.
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Welcome back. Today is the second anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that overturned the constitutional right to abortion in the US. In protest of the ruling, some women are expected to abstain from work.

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Investing in the future

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World of HR

—Courtney Vinopal, Amanda Schiavo, Kristen Parisi


Chipping away at recruitment

Close-up of chip assembly Sweetbunfactory/Getty Images

The federal government is pouring billions of dollars into efforts to strengthen the US’s domestic capacity to produce semiconductor chips.

These chips, which power everything from cars to computers, were in short supply during the Covid-19 pandemic, as supply-chain issues brought into focus how dependent the US was on other countries for the technology. The US aims to produce 20% of the world’s most advanced chips by 2030 as part of the CHIPS and Science Act, and the government is tapping companies like Intel to help it achieve this goal.

Intel will receive $8.5 billion from the Department of Commerce to bolster semiconductor manufacturing, the company announced in March. The investment is expected to create 10,000 new jobs for the technology company, which is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, but has semiconductor facilities across the US. Chief People Officer Christy Pambianchi said Intel has been investing in partnerships with post-secondary education programs to strengthen the pipeline of available talent to fill these jobs.

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Simple and savvy


Like the leadoff runner in a relay race, people ops set the pace within an organization. To set your workforce up for success, start by leveling up your HCM.

Paylocity’s modern HR and payroll solution can help simplify work and amplify impact. It produces the kind of results HR leaders dream of: streamlined work, improved business outcomes, elevated productivity.

Specifically, their solution can diagnose hidden overspend, ensure compliance, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Heck, it can even help accelerate recruiting and reduce turnover. It won’t just be HR that appreciates Paylocity’s impact—the whole workforce will benefit.

Lead the way toward simpler, more strategic work. Optimize your HCM.


Safety first

Security camera scans shopping mall Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao/Getty Images

On February 14, a TikTok user posted a video from behind a counter in her workplace, where she explains that she is hiding from three men who have been loitering in and around the store, where she was working alone. In a follow-up video, she shared that they made her feel so uncomfortable that when it was time to close the business for the night, she called security to escort her to her car.

This worker is not alone in her experience. TikTok is filled with posts from workers who have had similar experiences. Around nine in 10 (89.7%) of the 1,063 US customer service workers surveyed in October 2023 by telecom company Ringover said they had experienced an increase in customer abuse (including swearing, yelling, or threats of violence) over the last year. Some 84.5% of those employees said they were looking for a new job as a result.

It is an employer’s responsibility to provide employees with a safe work environment. Doing so can give employees a sense of security, and make them more likely stay with their employer. HR can play a role in ensuring that happens.

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The top of a globe with a phone, notebook, laptop, glasses, iPad and coffee cup floating above it Francis Scialabba

Germany has 1.57 million job openings and a working-age population that’s expected to drop by at least 2% by 2045.

But thanks to a program called Chancenkarte (or Opportunity Card), German employers in industries including IT, engineering, and healthcare could soon have access to a larger swath of qualified job applicants.

The program, which began on June 1, allows non-European workers to live in Germany for up to a year while they look for a job, EuroNews reported. They will be allowed to work part-time and take on trial jobs, which allow employers and workers to test each other out for up to two weeks.

Obtaining a card won’t necessarily be a walk in the park (or a Spaziergang).

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A desktop computer plugged into a green couch. Francis Scialabba

Today’s top HR reads.

Stat: Nearly one-third (31%) of CHROs expect employee retention to improve over the next six months. (the Conference Board)

Quote: “[There’s a] significant proportion of the population that believes that feminism has gone too far…I can’t say if companies are also at least internally having such beliefs—but I would not be surprised if this is the case.”—Heejung Chung, a sociology and social policy professor at the University of Kent in the UK, on how gender representation in leadership could regress as a result of recent DE&I backlash (BBC)

Read: Target has released a new chatbot to help retail workers do their jobs better. (the New York Times)

Simplify + amplify: The future of HCM doesn’t have to be complicated. Paylocity’s HR and payroll solution focuses on simplifying work and amplifying impact. See how it can help you create better business outcomes.*

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