Top talent experts weigh in on 2023 hiring after economic woes roil year end

We asked HR and talent acquisition leaders about what a new year might bring when it comes to recruiting and hiring.
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As a (possible) recession, inflation, and a troublesome labor market continues to loom over many industries, 2023 may not feel all that different from 2022. So, HR Brew asked HR and talent execs what they expect from the recruiting and hiring landscape in the new year.

Debora Roland, VP of people operations, CareerArc

“Talent acquisition heads into 2023 with a mixed bag: Tech and finance layoffs are making headlines, but many other industries remain desperate to hire. Though labor market shifts will persist, it’s clear that companies must continue to compete more fiercely than ever for the best talent in any market—talent that has become savvier than ever and less responsive than ever to the same old tactics. A strategy we’ve seen grow significantly in the past year and drive exponential returns is employee advocacy—activating your employees and employee networks for recruiting, especially on social media.”

John Patterson, head of talent, Macy’s

“I am expecting hiring in 2023 to feel a bit like the end of the roller-coaster ride that we experienced in 2022. Still exciting, but maybe not as exhilarating as [when] we entered 2022…Where we see the opportunity to acquire new skills or fill critical technology roles, there will be demand for these candidates, and we will be in the market recruiting. The candidates are there and willing to work! I am more confident going into 2023 than I have been since the pandemic.”

Matt Lavery, corporate talent acquisition manager, UPS

“In 2022, the hiring sector for entry-level, hourly employees was difficult…2023 will be more difficult for employers in this space. There are layoffs taking place right now, but not in the entry-level, hourly space. I expect 2023 to be even more challenging to hire entry-level workers.”

Jeff Diana, CPO, Calendly

“With most interviews happening remotely, HR and people teams will need to find new ways to infuse their company culture throughout the hiring process. This means bringing your culture to life digitally to land the best-fit candidate not only for the role, but for the organization and its people. As such, HR departments will need to lean on technology like automation more than ever to grow exponentially, hire quickly, and innovate rapidly.

“While I don’t have a crystal ball, the impact of a looming economic recession means HR and recruitment will face new challenges, like doing more with less people and resources. Talent acquisition will play a crucial role when it comes to an organization’s capacity to not only survive, but thrive in these trying times. Hiring managers must be prepared to answer tough questions in 2023 as candidates will inquire more about the health and profitability of your organization before joining your team.”—AD

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Quick-to-read HR news & insights

Our HR newsletter delivers need-to-know industry news and insights to HR pros every weekday for free.