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These companies have banned or limited ChatGPT at work

Many employers still don’t know what to do about Generative AI at work.
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Francis Scialabba

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Corporate America is grappling with generative AI technology. Nine out of 10 employers are eyeing a workforce with “ChatGPT experience.” Some companies have jumped in with both feet, while others worry about the tool and are banning its use at work or while using company hardware and networks.

Proponents say bans protect sensitive or proprietary information, as execs worry that employees will reference trade secrets or client info while querying the AI.

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Apple. The tech giant restricted employee use of ChatGPT, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apple reportedly told employees the decision was to prevent the release of confidential information. The company is reportedly working on a generative AI tool of its own.

JPMorgan Chase. The bank has restricted employee use of ChatGPT, Jennifer Lavoie, global technology media relations rep, confirmed to HR Brew in an email. Lavoie pointed to remarks from CEO Jamie Dimon in the bank’s 2022 shareholder report highlighting company efforts to imagine new ways to incorporate generative AI into employee practices in the future.

Deutsche Bank. “On ChatGPT specifically, like other banks we have currently blocked the website while we evaluate how to best use these types of capabilities while also ensuring the security of our and our client’s data. So it is protection against data leakage, rather than a view on how useful the tool is,” Deutsche Bank spokesperson Sen Shanmugasivam told us via email, adding that the bank is actively looking into how to use generative AI tools in a “safe and compliant way.”

Verizon. “ChatGPT is not accessible from our corporate systems, as that can put us at risk of losing control of customer information, source code and more…as a company, we want to safely embrace emerging technology,” according to the telecom giant’s execs in a public address to employees.

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Northrop Grumman. The aerospace and defense company blocked ChatGPT “until those tools are fully vetted,” it told the Wall Street Journal.

Samsung. The electronics manufacturer has banned the use of generative AI tools after staff “uploaded sensitive code to the platform” in April, Bloomberg confirmed in early May.

Amazon. A spokesperson for Amazon told the Wall Street Journal that rather than use ChatGPT for help with coding, engineers should direct queries to an internal bot called CodeWhisperer. But Adam Montgomery, a senior PR manager at Amazon, told HR Brew that the company has not banned the use of ChatGPT or other generative AI technology, nor asked engineers to use internal AI technology other than ChatGPT. “Amazon employees are allowed to use ChatGPT or other generative AI tools,” Montgomery said in an email.

Accenture. The professional services company is not allowing employees to use generative AI tools while coding, and they cannot upload Accenture or client data without permission. Company spokesperson Katy Rosati told HR Brew that the use of technology is governed by the company’s core values, business ethics, and internal policies, and this includes tools like ChatGPT.

Apple, Northrop Grumman, and Samsung did not respond to a request for confirmation or comment.—AD

This is a developing story. We will update as new information is available.

Editor’s note, May 16, 2023: The original headline of this article, “These companies have banned ChatGPT in the office” has been revised to indicate that some companies, like Accenture, have placed limits on the use of the technology but have stopped short of an outright ban.

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Our HR newsletter delivers need-to-know industry news and insights to HR pros every weekday for free.